Germany International End-of-Study Scholarship for 2019-2020 Period

Any student looking forward to continue their study abroad as well as preparing themselves in their final study course can apply for Germany International End-of-Study Scholarship for international students especially. This financial support program is unique as well as helpful because students are encouraged to finalize their study period and year without having to worry about the financial hardship or challenges.

The Scholarship Description



International students with high qualification are invited to apply at Technical University of Cologne located in Germany. The Germany International End-of-Study Scholarship program is created to provide a financial support to international students that are preparing themselves for the final thesis preparation to complete their degree program.

The Requirements

What are the requirements for the Germany International End-of-Study Scholarship program?

  • All applicants must enroll in the university to get the university degree. They also need to display financial need as well as being in the final stage of their program. The suitable candidates are those who likely to graduate in two semesters, max.
  • Candidates who have lived in Germany during the period of writing the final thesis are considered eligible to send their application for the scholarship
  • Eligible applicants may come from any nationality since it is open (and welcoming) to any eligible candidates
  • All applicants are allowed to take any subject or course within graduate and also postgraduate degree. Any subject is allowed.
  • All applicant must complete the application form and provide the additional documents that include a CV, copy of passport (with the personal details), copy of thesis registration (from the examination office), a proof of social commitment, recommendation letter, evidence of current finance, transcript records (with the record of average grade indication), and a list of not completed examinations with the estimated completion date.
  • All applicants are required to have good grades, especially in previous study or course level, as well as meeting the admission requirements set by the university
  • The financial support program will be awarded to bright students or those with good academic record (or performance). Those who are able to display good academic qualification or quality will be prioritized.
  • All applicants must display a knowledge of German language, considering that they will be studying in Germany and they are obtaining a certain degree at TH Kὂln. If there is a specific requirement regarding the language or German language skill, applicants are expected to follow things thoroughly. In general, applicants are expected to have DSH 2 level for the German language mastery or proficiency.
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How to Apply

Keep in mind that only students are allowed to apply for the financial aid program. They need to have the title of studentship during the time of the application – whether they are taking the Bachelor degree or the Master degree course. While still having the studentship title, the candidates can download the form, complete it, and then submit it to: International Affairs Department of TH Kὂln, Lis Dagny Ohlsen, Claudiusstr.1, Room 55, 50678 Kὂln. The deadline is on August the 15th 2019.

The value of the scholarship covers an amount of €400 a month. The number can be various, though. A single parent Bachelor student can be awarded €750 while a single parent Master student can be awarded €850. The financial support will last for 6 months only.

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the official site at this link so they can learn a lot of new things related to the program before sending the application. By coming to the link, candidates can learn further about the Germany International End-of-Study Scholarship program.


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