Master Degree Management School Scholarship in York University, UK

Students outside of the United Kingdom who want to pursue their higher degree in education, especially in the Management field, can send their application for Master Degree Management School Scholarship. Not only they have the chance to continue their study abroad (in the UK) but they also have the opportunity to get the financial support program. They can always continue their study without having to worry about their financial hardship or challenges. They can also have the chance to experience a study program in a foreign land than their own.

The Scholarship Description

University of York with their Management School is offering Master Degree Management School Scholarship for students who want to obtain a Master degree without looking at their color, nationality, or others. The idea is to provide a financial help for the students who are struggling with their education.



The value of the scholarship depends on the candidates’ nationality. In general, candidates from the UK will get a grant with value of £5,000. The same amount applies for the candidates from other European countries. From Taiwan, the value reaches £5,500 while it is £10,000 from India. For candidates from other countries or areas, the value is £7,000.

The Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for the Master Degree Management School Scholarship program:

  • Eligible candidates are those coming from India, Taiwan, the UK, European countries, and other foreign countries
  • All applicants can enroll in the Master program, focusing on Financial and Accounting Management, Global Marketing, Management with Business Finances, Management, International Strategic Management, International Business, Human Resource Management, International Strategic and Business Management
  • All applicants must register and enroll in the Master degree course within the university and they must not register or take part in the online degree course
  • All applicants must complete the online as well as providing the additional documentation. The additional documents may cover a CV in A4 size containing the summary of educational and professional background (also includes the student number and email address). Students will have to write and then submit a statementof400words containing the reasons for the study course, what experience or special attributes that they can contribute to the course, the reason why they need the financial assistance, and what kind of contribution they can make to the society after completing the master’s course.
  • All applicants are required to have good communication skills in English. They need to display their knowledge of the language by taking the required test. The certificate is most likely needed to show their proficiency and mastery in the language. English language skills is crucial for both the course as well as the financial grant
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How to Apply

Interested students must register for the Master degree program first at the university. They need to gain the studentship title and be the official student at University of York. After they register and get the admission letter, then these students are eligible to complete the application (online) in order to get access to the fund. The deadline is on June the 28th 2019.

Interested candidates can check the official site at this link or visit the link for the application. By coming to those sites, candidates can get a deeper understanding of Master Degree Management School Scholarship program.


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