Master’s Degree Jessica and Dinah Nichols Funds in the UK

International students with a deep passion in History can apply for Master’s Degree Jessica and Dinah Nichols Funds in order to get a chance to study in the United Kingdom. This is a good opportunity for those seeking a chance to continue their study to a higher Master degree in one of the most reputable universities in the country. This is a study opportunity for international students as well as applicants from the UK and also the EU.

The Scholarship Description

History Department at Royal Holloway at London University is opening their door to foreign students who have a deep interest in History. They not only provide the study opportunity but also to offer a scholarship program of Master’s Degree Jessica and Dinah Nichols Funds.



Students are given the chance to study in one of the oldest and reputable institutions in the UK. The Royal Holloway was founded in 1879 as a research university and also a constituent college . Students will have the greatest opportunity to enjoy the teaching facilities as well as the best social atmosphere at the university.

The value of the scholarship will reach an amount of £12,000 a candidate that is paid within the first year of the study course.

The Requirements

All financial support programs have their own standard requirements and here are the ones for Master’s Degree Jessica and Dinah Nichols Funds program

  • Eligible applicants are those coming from the United Kingdom, other European countries, and other places around the world
  • Applicants are considered eligible for the Master degree program and if they are taking the subject of History: Public History, History: Hellenic Studies, Crusader Studies, Medieval Studies, Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, History, and Holocaust Studies.
  • All applicants must register for the full-time Master degree program within the History Department of the university.
  • All applicants must complete the application, including the additional supporting documents, including two academic references and academic transcripts. Each candidate must write a document (not more than 500 words) containing the reasons why they choose the degree, how they are going to use the Master degree in their future career and research, and the academic achievements that they have achieved
  • All applicants are expected to have impressive academic achievement as well as excellent performance. The university is focusing on the candidates having achieved (or expected to achieve) the first class degree honor or the equivalent.
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How to Apply

Students need to register for the Master degree course at University of London Royal Holloway and be the student officially. Once the students have registered at the university, they need to wait for the admission letter. Afterward, they will be considered eligible to send their application. These students would be given access to the application portal to get the application form.

For now, the email to send the application is still confidential and the information is disclosed. The information will be made accessible once the students have gained their studentship. The deadline is on June the28th 2019.

Interested candidates are expected to visit the official site at this link or this portal to enable them to learn further about the Master’s Degree Jessica and Dinah Nichols Funds program.

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