Master’s Degree Munich Intellectual Property Law Center Scholarship

In the event that you are thinking about pursuing your education to a higher degree and you want to have a chance studying in Germany, you should send your application to get Master’s Degree Munich Intellectual Property Law Center Scholarship. Sending your application to join the screening process will give you the chance to reach your dream while getting the financial assistance to help you complete the program’s course.

The Scholarship Description

Foreign students coming from developing countries can take part in the study period happening in Germany. DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is working together with MIPLC (Munich Intellectual Property Law Center) to create Master’s Degree Munich Intellectual Property Law Center Scholarship. The financial support program is aimed to provide support and help top bright students who want to continue their law study to the postgraduate program and in need of the financial assistance.



The value of the scholarship covers a full waiver of the tuition fee. It also includes a participation fee and a monthly stipend (whose number can reach a total amount of £850). The scholarship also covers for liability, accident, and health insurance (in Germany), research, study, and travel allowance, including the German mandatory course for two months before the main program starts.

The Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for Master’s Degree Munich Intellectual Property Law Center Scholarship program

  • Eligible applicants are those coming from developing countries
  • All applicants must have full-time two years (minimum) of professional experience within a public or state authority or private company in the developing country. These students need to complete those two years time before the next study program starts in October. This experience must have completed or gained after the first university degree (Bachelor degree) has been completed.
  • All applicants must take postgraduate degree with Law subject and nothing else
  • All applicants must register and be the students at the institutions in order to be qualified for the financial support
  • All applicants must complete their application, especially during the early screening process. If there are additional documents needed for the process, they are expected to meet them.
  • All applicants must complete their Bachelor degree whose period lasted for three or four years. It would be better if applicants can complete their Bachelor degree with above-average achievement (within top 30%)
  • All applicants must display their knowledge in English language since the program will be delivered completely in English. All applicants must show their proficiency and mastery in the language by taking the IELTS or TOEFL test and have the written document as the evidence.
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How to Apply

Candidates must enroll in the postgraduate degree program at this school. They need to be students of the institution before they are considered eligible for the financial support application. Interested students must apply for the program course and receive the admission letter first before they can finally send the application for the grant. The deadline is on October the 15th 2019.

Interested candidates are expected to visit the official site at this link so they can learn further about the concept and details of the Master’s Degree Munich Intellectual Property Law Center Scholarship program.


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