Dean’s Excellence Undergraduate Degree Funding in the UK

Leeds University in the United Kingdom is offering Dean’s Excellence Undergraduate Degree Funding for students who have completed their high school years and want to continue to a higher degree by taking the undergraduate degree major courses. The university has its own ideal and purpose to increase the university’s reputation in the global scale and achieve its own academic performance within the field.

The Scholarship Description



International students are expected to attract success –for their sake of better future. The University of Leeds wants to help and they provide Dean’s Excellence Undergraduate Degree Funding to help the struggling students to achieve their dream.

The scholarship value is able to reach the amount of £5,000 that is available in the tuition fee reduction. It is expected to help students deal with their financial challenges and overcome their obstacles and difficulties.

The Qualification and Grade Requirements

As it was mentioned before, the University of Leeds has the ideal concept and purpose to reach global scale reputation and academic qualification. Their desire is to attract high achieving and academically excellent students A2 (A*AA), AP (555), and IB (37) students within the first year study period. The subsequent years depend on the students’ performance and achievement that normally cover 70% of the overall mark. It is also possible that the students are high achievers (equivalent to 85% of the normal overall mark). It is also subject to foundation degree students within their first year (which is subsequent years are subjected to the normal achievement of 70% of the overall mark).

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The Requirements

Here are the general requirements for Dean’s Excellence Undergraduate Degree Funding program

  • It is possible that the applicants may be asked for more details for further requirements
  • Eligible applicants are welcomed from all nationalities around the world
  • All applicants must apply for the undergraduate degree course programs and take Biology subject. They need to be registered at the Biological Sciences Faculty at Leeds University.
  • All applicants must be self-funded. They must be registered as new students at the university
  • All applicants must not receive or get any other grant from Leeds University
  • All applicants must display a knowledge of English language considering that all the classes will be delivered in English. They need to display their English communication skills (both in written and spoken forms) by taking the required tests and have the written documents as the evidence
  • All applicants must have the dedication and determination to take the subject and complete the program. They need to show hard work and good academic performance as a proof of their dedication

How to Apply

The application process is pretty simple and interested candidates don’t need to send any separate application. Students need to enroll in the undergraduate degree program and be the student at the university. Once they send their application for the undergraduate program, they will be automatically appointed and screened based on their academic qualification and merit. The deadline is on September the 1st 2019.

All candidates are expected to visit the official site at this link so they can learn further about the concept of Dean’s Excellence Undergraduate Degree Funding program.

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