Erasmus Sutrofor MSc Scholarship for International Students

There is a new Sutrofor scholarships for students who wish to purse their Master of Science degree organized by a Consortium that includes up to 5 leading European universities in the field of forest and nature management. If this is your field of interest then apply now for the chance of getting Erasmus + Sutrofor MSc scholarship for International students.




Sutrofor is part of Eramus+ which is an Erasmus Mundus program that was initiated by the European Commission. The Erasmus Sutrofor MSc scholarship for International students is offering two-year masters course in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (which is short for Sutrofor). It is a world class program that aims to prepare qualified graduates to deal with the complex aspects of modern tropical forestry. Nowadays, sustainable tropical forestry topic is of global importance. Between 1 and 2 billion people rely on wood-based fuel; non-wood forest services and products are important to the livelihood of more than 1 billion population mainly in rural areas; people in developing countries become more and more concerned with the fate of tropical forests; and timber is a vital commodity for export and domestic economy. This scholarship is open for students to purse MSc program in Sustainable Tropical Forestry. The scholarship award itself consists of:

  • Partner country scholarships

Will be awarded to all masters students from all countries other than the EU member states as well as EFTA/EEA states: the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Lichtenstein, Iceland as well as Norway. Aside from that, candidates must also comply with the 12 months rule which means candidates must not have carried out main activity such as work, studies, etc. nor be a resident for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years in one of the aforementioned countries.

  • Program country scholarships

Will be awarded to all masters students who don’t fulfill the aforementioned criteria for partner country scholarships, i.e. nationality requirement as well as 12 months rule.

Regarding the scholarship amount and the universities in which the scholarship can be taken, please refer to scholarship website for details. In addition, a contribution to installation costs will be given if students are from a Partner Country (1000 euros for the whole course). This is an incentive to support the additional costs related to residence permits, issuing of visas, etc. and the temporary accommodation needs on arrival in the first program country hosting HEI.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must fulfill all the following entrance requirements:

  • Must be citizens of EU, EEA or Switzerland
  • Eligible for students who have completed undergraduate program/enrolled in the final semester
  • Document your proficiency in English according to your own background. Refer to language requirements
  • Candidates are directly academically qualified for admission if they have bachelor’s degree in agriculture, forestry, geography and all relevant areas.

Application Procedures

Non-EU students interested in Erasmus Sutrofor MSc scholarship for International students can submit applications October 15th, 2018 until January 15th, 2019. The EU/EEA candidates can start sending in their applications on January 16th, 2019 until March 1st, 2019.

The application procedure depend on which country you’re from and your educational background.

Citizens of EU/EEA/Switzerland:

Students from outside EEA/EU/Switzerland

    1. Rohullah
    2. zerfu
    3. Getnet Tadege
    5. Erick mombambiya
    6. saloum
    7. Khalid Hameed
    8. Negusu
    9. Maka ali
    10. Abduwaahid Moalim Mohamed
    11. Waseem ullah
    12. Mohamed deeq mohamud
      • Syed Azizullah
    13. Adane Guche Koyrita
    14. Santosh Kumar
    15. Amir Faheem
    16. Mutebi Asima
      • maryam
    17. Simachew Tesfie
    18. Seid
    19. Muhammad Aun Choudhry
    21. Salai KoKoAung
    22. Munasar cabdi
    23. Mohamud abdi Ali
      • Saleem shah
    24. caydaruus
    25. Ifrah Mahmoud hussein

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