IOE Centenary Masters Scholarships 2019

International students who wish to pursue their master’s studies in the United Kingdom and are looking for scholarship opportunities might want to turn to University College London. This year, the Institute of Education (IOE) of the University College London is offering IOE Centenary Masters scholarships 2019. Non-UK as well as non-EU students are all welcome and encouraged to apply if they have no means to fund their studies.




The Institute of Education of University College London is a world-leading research centre for teaching and research in education and social sciences. It was ranked number one for education worldwide five years in a row (2014 – 2018) by QS World University Rankings. Furthermore, the IOE also received the Queen’s Anniversary Prize award in 2015. The research conducted at IOE addresses society’s most important challenges. Their teaching inspires their students by providing them with the best first-hand experience of cutting-edge research as well as knowledge creation. The institute also plays a significant international role in which it contributes to global academic as well as policy-related networks and arenas developing the fields of education and social science.

If you are an overseas students interested in applying for a taught master’s programs at the Institute of Education, then you might want to consider applying for the IOE Centenary Masters scholarships 2019. The IOE is collaborating with International Students House (also shortened as ISH) to form the IOE-ISH Centenary taught masters scholarship program. This call aims to help overseas (non-UK/EU) students to pursue their master’s degree in the UK. Entry for the 2019-20 academic year is now open.

ISH is responsible for providing accommodation for a year while the IOE will cover students’ tuition costs. Kindly note that this program does not cover subsistence in London, travel or any other expenses. Furthermore, this award is only tenable for one academic year only and it will be subject to satisfactory progress.

Entry criteria:

In order to be eligible for this call, you must:

  • Be residents and citizens of a low or middle income country with a GNI not higher than $ 8000/capita (as per the World Bank GNI per capita category tables)
  • Have attained an offer to study a full time master’s taught course in London at the Institute of Education at the University College London (commencement date is October 2019)
  • Not have lived or studied in the UK before

Kindly note that this call is not meant to help online courses.

Application Method

Before applying for the IOE Centenary Masters scholarships 2019, know that if you do not hold an offer at the time of the scholarship application then you will not be considered for the award.

All eligible offer holders will receive a notification email in which it contains details of how to apply for the scholarship.

If you have obtained an offer to study a master’s program at the IOE in October 2019 and you haven’t yet received this email, but you are from an eligible country, then please contact [email protected] with details of your name, your student ID number and the name of your master’s program.

The deadline to apply for this call is on Friday, April 5, 2019 (23:59 London time).


    1. Matiullah Gheyassi
    2. Misganaw Tarko
    3. Mohamed ismail gahnug
    4. Tayeb urdoghan
    5. Mohamed Abdukadir Ibrahim
    6. Jemal Erbaye Waritu
    7. Saidu Habibu
      • Saidu Habibu
        • Amin Ullah
    8. Arsema Limenh
    9. Belachew
    10. mesay lelisa
    11. befikad mandefro yisheberu
    12. Yechale Yeshiwas
    13. Yechale Yeshiwas
    14. Malsha Prathibhani
    15. Sayed Samim
    16. Lemlem woyiza worana
    17. Abele Gizaw
    18. Zerihun petros
    19. Mohamed ismail osman
    20. Saddam
    21. Mohamed ismail osman
    22. Bereket Yohannes
    23. Ali suldanhassen
      • Alisuldan hassen
      • Abbas Ali Shah
    24. Sharew Abuye
    25. Mahmood Shokohmand
    26. Halilou OUMAROU ABOU
    28. Aroosa ishaq
    29. Meleselibay
    30. Abdikarim nor osman
    31. Abdulmujib Huzaifi
    32. Meseredin shafi
    33. Abdi Tenna
    34. Muhammad Jamshed
    35. Teklil Teshome
    36. Abdi Yuya
    38. Meseret
    39. Md Yakub ali
    40. Salat
    41. Oscar Prince Dayo
    42. Abdulkabi
    43. basazenw daniel
    44. Baye Kassa
    45. Abdifatah isse ali
    46. Kebede abera
    47. Kebede abera
    48. Gulbudin
    49. Mamo Sefera
    51. Etsay kahsay
    52. Mohammad faria
    53. Getachew Gete
    54. Ahmed abdi
      • Modir khan
      • rani
    56. Simegnew Honelign
    57. Gashaw Fiseha
    58. MD Alomgir Kobir
    59. Ali Nour ae dahir
    60. Jennenus deressa
    63. Habtamu Debelu
    64. Nigussie Mekete
    65. Habtam Abebe
    66. Dabali Daraje
    67. Fikre Tadesse
    68. Dereba Girma
    69. Habtamu Legese
    70. shehubeza
    71. Epheram Tsegaye
    72. Abdulmujib Huzaifi
    73. Muhammad muti ur rahman
    74. Muhammad Naeem
    75. Hmaza qummar
      • Mezgebu Markos
      • Efrem haile

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