NFP/MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme for Study in The Netherlands 2017/2018

You can submit your NFP/MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme for study in the Netherlands now because the application process is already available. Read and check the detail information of the programme below.


NFP MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme

NFP MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme

This NFP/MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme for study in the Netherlands is designed for professionals only. The selected candidates would get an opportunity to undergo some short courses in the Netherlands. The main requirement is that you must be a professional who live and work in the listed countries. Here are the following countries of the target group as follow:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Syria
  • Tunisia

Eligibility Criteria

If you have met that main requirement of NFP/MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme for study in the Netherlands, you should read the next criteria offered by the host institution. The scholarship look for a candidate who:

  • has a current employer’s statement that complies with the formal Nuffic has provided. All information must be provided and all commitments that are included in the formal must be endorsed in the statement;
  • must not be employed by an organisation that has its own means of staff-development. Organisations that are considered to have their own means of staff development are for example: multinational corporations (e.g. Shell, Unilever, Microsoft);- large national and/or a large commercial organisation;
    • bilateral donor organisations (e.g. USAID, DFID, Danida, Sida, Dutch ministry of Foreign
    • affairs, FinAid, AusAid, ADC, SwissAid);
    • multilateral donor organisations, (e.g. a UN organisation, the World Bank, the IMF, Asian
    • Development Bank, African Development Bank, IADB);
    • international NGO’s (e.g. Oxfam, Plan, Care).
  • have an official and valid passport ( valid at least 3 months after the candidate submission date);
  • have a government statement that meets the requirements of the country in which the employer is established (if applicable);

How to apply

Submit your application of NFP/MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme for study in the Netherlands via Dutch institutions in the Netherlands. The deadlines depend on the courses available on these institutions. The duration of the courses is between two until twelve weeks.  Please check your eligibility criteria firstly as well as the permission from your employer to nominate you as the candidates of the scholarship. Here are the steps that you must follow:

  1. Select a course on the MSP course list with start dates between: 23 February 2018 to 27 July 2018(313 kB)
  2. Contact the Dutch institution that is offering the course for information on:
  • course content
  • the application deadline (deadlines can differ per Dutch institution)
  • the application and selection procedures
  • the online application form and the supporting documents
  1. Prepare your application and the supporting documents
  2. Submit your online application via the Dutch institution offering the course

After you have just passed these steps, you are now able to be the candidate of the scholarship. Please wait for the Dutch institution notification and information in regard to your selection criteria. You must demonstrate your knowledge and acquired skills as well as your motivation to join the program. The details of NFP/MSP (MENA) Scholarship Programme for study in the Netherlands can be found on the official website on here.

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